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Sherlock Cecil Holmes
6 January
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Catfaced Supergenius and beautiful, beautiful man. Not mentally ill or Autistic (the word you are looking for is "GIFTED"), not repressed, not anorexic and I am a NATURAL Raven Haired Lovely, thank you, NOT Ginger.

This journal is largely a dumping ground for lyrics to my autobiographical musical 'Dial Sh For Sherlock', as and when I come up with them.
antiques shopping, ballet, ballroom dancing, bartok, being a genius, britten, coats, coffee, daring-do, exhuming family pets, gloves, haute coture, horseback fencing, jazz, jeremy kyle, john cage, needlessly gruesome experiments, nemeses, parkour, playing the double bass, playing the violin, recreational drugs, schoenberg, sofa-fort architecture, stealing greg's police badge, stealing my housemate's slanket, strictly, tea, texas chainsaw massacre, thinking, un chien andalou, vienettas, vivisection, writing my musical