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Act II Scene 2 - Baker Street (nb have Mycroft check for copyright issues)
Me & Mrs Barthembless
Winding my way back to Baker Street,
John's making tea, gonna put up my feet,
Gonna give Lestrade a call,
Take potshots at the wall
And think about everything.
The city of London makes me feel at peace,
It's got so many murders and robberies,
Gonna fight a lot of crime
Just to pass the time
Between thinking 'bout everything.

And you might think that this is so easy,
That's just because I make it look easy,
I'm clever, I'm cleverer than you.
Another crime scene and I'll be happy,
Jump in the taxi with an evil cabbie,
Do I take the red pill or blue?

It's one of those three-patch days for me,
I got a Nemesis who's gay for me,
Now he's blowing up my windows,
Blowing old ladies to cinders
Just so that he can watch me dance.
I've gone to meet him at the swimming pool,
He's like Graham Norton went to Evil School,
Now he's forced poor John in Semtex
It's not exactly subtext
That he wants to get inside my pants.

And I keep telling me he can't have me,
It's not my fault that I am so lovely
But he says the Gay act's all tricks.
If that's the case why does he send kisses
And keep addressing me like I'm his Missis?
At very least, his messages are mixed.


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